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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Birhday Mom!!

My mother turned 85 years old today.  She went through a very tough time over the last year.  She went from being very functional in her condo & driving to social events to being very distraught and depressed & suicidal!!  I'm sure many, many of you have went through this same situation.  Our heads were spinning over the sudden change.  She saw her family doctor, psychiatrists, etc. My sisters & I came to the shocking conclusion that she had suddenly gone from (stubborn, prideful woman that she was) to.....I'm tired & lonely & need help!!  Like a whirlwind  we had to sell her condo, find her an assisted living home, and secure her finances.  Sound familiar to anyone???  I'm so thankful to God that once she got over the shock of living in her new home, she has now embraced her space and her new friends and participates in all their activities!  We still go over every weekend to play cards with her & take her out to dinner. For this her 85th birthday..because she loves to look at pictures of all her grandchildren & great grandchildren..we made her a photo board.   Anyway...here is the birthday card I made for her.  The stamps are all from an Art Impressions stamp set but don't know the name.


Kristina B. said...

Ha-Ha What a cute card! Great sentiment. Thanks for joining us at A Blog Named Hero!